Why I Haven’t Blogged As Much Lately

I haven’t blogged in a while. The semester’s crazy busy now, but that isn’t why I haven’t blogged. I’m behind on pretty much everything work- or writing-related. I’m behind for reasons that are sending me to a neurologist next week, because of what happened five thousand, one hundred ten nights ago.

On days like this, you best believe school's open.

On days like this, you best believe school’s open



Buffalo winters are so brutal, the people develop an unspoken collective agreement. People in New York City have unspoken collective agreements due to the lack of space; privacy and freedom are like the white spy and the black spy in Spy Vs. Spy: there is no endgame. Only the back and forth. Only the tide.

The winters are so soul-sucking, reach so deeply into you, they’re a violation of sorts, an internal wrongdoing. The only way to survive them after awhile is to block out portions. You get tunnel vision. Everyone at some point in a Buffalo winter turns on the autopilot and just breathes and stays upright till spring. Springtime in Buffalo is actual real magical spacetime. Earth exhales and the permaslush gray that seeps sky and street of life goes poof. Continue reading

Q: Guess who covered “one of the biggest sporting events in history” last night?

A: Me.


Last night Lebron James played his first home game in Cleveland since returning to his hometown Cavaliers after his highly-criticized departure four years ago. Cleveland played against the New York Knicks, who I cover for the great website Posting & Toasting. The game attracted media attention well outside the world of sports. The game was sold out for months at inflated prices and televised nationally. A glittering crowd of A-list celebrities were on hand–de rigeur for a game in NY or LA, but unheard of in Cleveland. Lebron himself, hardly a paragon of humility, called his homecoming “one of the biggest sporting events in history.”

Two unexpected twists on the road to “history”:

1) The Knicks missed the part where they play the sacrificial lamb and actually won.

2) I got to write the game recap for Posting & Toasting, my first game recap that isn’t just me talking to myself. Check it out. Tell your friends. If your friends are editors for sports sites looking to hire a writer, tell them first.

I Miss You And I Love You

Some truths can only be known in the moment.



I needed to buy board games for FANS, the group I founded at my university for foreign and native speakers. So I stopped at Target on my way to work…by which I mean I tried to stop at Target. Despite the store being 10 minutes away, despite having been there a few days ago, I got lost. Twice. Which meant I was cutting it closer than I liked as far as getting to class on time.

I couldn’t understand how I’d gotten lost–twice. Stress can affect memory. The semester’s hit the start of the busy period, but I haven’t felt overwhelmed? Hmm. I didn’t mean to end that sentence with a question mark. Freudian typo?

Hmm. Something might be stressing me.


There’s a parking garage at work. Usually on a Thursday afternoon there’s plenty of room, but today there was an event on-campus and the place was absolutely packed. It took more than 10 minutes after I entered the garage to get to an open spot. Now I was really rushing. I had to scan and email stuff before class and almost no time to do it.

I had to park atop the garage roof, which meant walking down five flights of stairs behind two elderly women who walked like two elderly women going down five flights of stairs. When I entered my building and headed up the stairs, I thought about the unlikeliness of the prior half-hour. What should have taken 30 minutes took almost an hour. I got up the stairs and turned left.

There she was.

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2015 Knicks preview


Today I and the other writers at Posting and Toasting previewed the upcoming Knick season. “I and the other writers” sounds wrong, right? This week at work I’ve been up to my ears in nominative versus objective pronoun cases, and if the boys in the lab in my head are still firing on all cylinders, “I” is correct. Eight different views on the team’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals, plus a fun bonus question that also deals with the number 8! Check it out and thank your numerologist afterward.

How do you measure a lover?


The end of the work week. Feet? Beat. Head? Empty. Eyes? Droppin’.

Remembered a lover. Thought about lovers as a whole. Wondered who was the best. How does a one-night stand compare to a years-long relationship? Is what matters the peak sex achieved between two people (or three, or four, or whatever you’re into), i.e. their best night? Or is pretty good sex life over a long-term relationship a greater total of quality coitus?


How do you measure a lover? Leave a comment.

Knicks Weirdness

zeke skullthrone


Posting&Toasting is made up of Knick fans, and as Knick fans, we’re gearing up for the impending NBA season the only way we know how. Dreaming of a title? Dreaming of being any good? No way! We’re Knick fans! We don’t know success. But we do know weird. So all the writers did a roundtable wrap today of what weird occurrence may go down between November and April (or May, if you’re an optimist and think the Knicks will the playoffs; or June, if you’re off your meds and think they’ll make the Finals). Spoiler: most of the ideas were strictly basketball-related. My submission elicited the following response from my editor: “Dark!” He also added the line “Well, that ended dark” to my entry.

My dream of becoming a hybrid of David Lynch and Peter Vecsey continues, unabated…