Things I’m sick of today by Matthew Miranda

cardboard-box-croppedToday is Friday, June 21st, 2013. I thought today would be the last day my stepdaughter was living with us before she goes to her dad’s for the rest of the summer. I thought today would consist of my stepdaughter, my girlfriend and I enjoying the beach, then going miniature golfing, then eating out for dinner, then getting Carvel, then enjoying our last hours together for the next two months, then reading to her before she goes to sleep. The last 3 books I read to her were the graphic novel “The Marvelous Land of Oz,” a book where X leads an alphabet revolution (he’s tired of being in so few words, and persuades the other letters to overthrow the alphabet; he tells I and E they must be tired of all the rules, and taps into Q’s unspoken weariness at always ending up stuck with U), and one of my old Choose Your Own Adventure books, “The Fairy Kidnap.”

Today, instead, my ex-family is leaving town. By the time my ex-girlfriend returns to our ex-home, I will likely have moved out. I will never again read to my ex-stepdaughter. There will be no Carvel. No dining out together. No more days at the beach (really glad I bought an all-summer beach permit a couple weeks before I move away).

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