Lines, lines, everywhere lines


Every child, at some point, has that first moment where they learn that there is a gap between where society ends and real life begins.
Let’s say you’re third in line, let’s say for lunch. The cafeteria is serving fiestadas. (if you don’t know what a fiestada is, consider your eyes lucky and your stomach deprived). Once the fiestadas run out, the only lunch options left are peanut butter & jelly & cheese sandwiches (I am not making this up. Klem Road South School sold these abominations when I was a student).
From where you stand, you see there are three fiestadas left. You relax. Math is on your side.
Suddenly, some girl shows up who’s friends with the girl ahead of you in line. They squeal, they giggle—it’s amazing as a child how excited you can get running into your friends AND OH MY GOD YOU CAN’T BELIEVE YOU RAN INTO EACH OTHER EVEN THOUGH YOU RIDE THE SAME BUS AND ARE IN THE SAME BUILDING FOR EIGHT HOURS—and then the girl who was ahead of you orders a fiestada, and her friend orders one, and the dude ahead of you gets the last one. Continue reading