I don’t miss the bad old days.

Sometimes I pity Marc Berman.


Being an NBA columnist appears, from a distance, to be a lot like being a school teacher. For 9 months a year your everyday is longer than people realize, busy from dawn to dusk, full of new developments and surprising twists and drama you may have nothing to do with but you have to explain to a bunch of passionate, worked-up outsiders who think they know more than you do.

At least teachers get summer vacation. Sure, some of them work then as well (summer school = Vegas summer league), and there’s always prep work that goes on before the dance begins again in the fall. But there is a designated time of the year where no one is demanding teachers bust out a lesson plan, or speculate on how next year’s class will do.

NBA columnists have bosses who demand they justify their existence on the payroll by coming up with something during the long, lonely months of August & September. Which brings us to today’s Berman piece in the NY Post: Continue reading