2014 Knicks preview

Last year, one NBA team, coached by a former Knick 1st-round pick, led by one of the game’s most prolific scorers, playing in front of what may be the most rabid fans and best home court advantage in the league, enjoyed their best season in a long, long time. This offseason, they added a former All-Star/elite defender. Hopes are higher than they’ve been in many years.
A side note: this team invited the brother of one of their star players to training camp this year. The brother wasn’t NBA-quality, so they cut him.
Of course they cut him. They’re looking to win, not function as a corporate cult. That team was the Golden State Warriors.

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“The limits of knowledge & the license of limits”


DESTRUCTION: Isn’t it a wonderful night? It reminds me of something our sister once said to me. It was a long time ago, a long way from here. There were rather more stars in the sky. And we met, under the jewelled waterfalls. And we walked. And I told her how small I felt, how I wished I … knew more, I suppose. We were looking up at the constellations — the diamond girl, the wreath of bright stars, the crucible… It didn’t matter that, in some sense, I was everywhere; nor that I was more powerful than… well, practically everything.

She said we all not only could know everything. We do. We just tell ourselves we don’t to make it all bearable.

MORPHEUS: It sounds unlikely.

DESTRUCTION: That was what I said to her. I said, if they do that, why do they keep wandering around and falling down manholes and tripping on banana skins? Why does it seem like none of us — Endless or mortal, ghost or god — knows what we’re doing?

MORPHEUS: And she said?

DESTRUCTION: I told you. She said everyone knows everything. We just pretend to ourselves we don’t. I never knew what to make of that.

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The end of an era

In Stephen King’s “The Eyes of the Dragon,” Peter, heir to the kingdom of Delain, describes the end of childhood not as a conscious decision to one day put your toys away and move on, but more like looking back and realizing you haven’t thought about your toys in a while.

Nachtraglichkeit is the Freudian term for being aware of a state of existence only after that state has already been occupied, a retroactive awareness. When Neo in the first Matrix film realizes he’s been living in a prison, his existence within the prison precedes his awareness of that fact.

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I’m 34. In relating-to-women-years, that’s 11.


In 5th grade, I “dated” Heather DuBois, Selena Southwick, and Patricia Scarlatta. By “dated,” I mean we declared some attraction toward each other. Nothing happened. Heather and I were together until John Lansdowne bought her a white teddy bear for Valentine’s Day, which she brought to class to show me and demand to know what I was going to do about it.
“Nothing,” I said. I hadn’t gotten her anything for Valentine’s Day. I figured if some other dude wanted to waste his money getting my girl a gift, good. Saved me from having to splurge. What did I care what some other guy spent his money on? Heather wasn’t a possession to be battled over and claimed. This wasn’t a game of RISK. If he wanted to treat her like an animal and think her could bribe her away from me, he would learn to his dismay Heather was a three-dimensional, independent, prideful being. Continue reading

Runaway rubbernecking

I ran away from home when I was 10.

(I should probably mention at this point that I was, and am, the middle child.)

It was a Saturday afternoon in late 1988, one of those days where my parents and sisters seemed connected in a way I couldn’t fathom, or didn’t want to, like they were a hermetically-sealed foursome and I was the fifth wheel. Imagine Ace of Base with a cowbell player. That was how odd-man-out I felt.


2 of them were white supremacists. Can you guess???

2 of them were white supremacists. Can you guess???

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