“The limits of knowledge & the license of limits”


DESTRUCTION: Isn’t it a wonderful night? It reminds me of something our sister once said to me.┬áIt was a long time ago, a long way from here. There were rather more stars in the sky. And we met, under the jewelled waterfalls. And we walked. And I told her how small I felt, how I wished I … knew more, I suppose. We were looking up at the constellations — the diamond girl, the wreath of bright stars, the crucible… It didn’t matter that, in some sense, I was everywhere; nor that I was more powerful than… well, practically everything.

She said we all not only could know everything. We do. We just tell ourselves we don’t to make it all bearable.

MORPHEUS: It sounds unlikely.

DESTRUCTION: That was what I said to her. I said, if they do that, why do they keep wandering around and falling down manholes and tripping on banana skins? Why does it seem like none of us — Endless or mortal, ghost or god — knows what we’re doing?

MORPHEUS: And she said?

DESTRUCTION: I told you. She said everyone knows everything. We just pretend to ourselves we don’t. I never knew what to make of that.

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