My Own Private Nakamura


The war between the U.S. and Japan ended in 1945. For Teruo Nakamura, a soldier in the Imperial Japanese Army, the war did not end until nearly 30 years later. In 1974, Nakamura was accidentally discovered in Indonesia when a pilot flew over his hut. He, like a number of Japanese soldiers, was unaware or unwilling to accept that Japan had surrendered, and that the war was, finally, over.
I don’t subscribe to “all’s fair in love and war,” but I’ve come to appreciate the nouns therein. “Love” and “war” are not “all,” but to those experiencing either, they feel total; like any trauma, life afterward can take a long time to reach equilibrium. Continue reading

A Historical Defense of Carmelo Anthony

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.
–Winston Churchill

Time. One of the deepest mysteries known to man. Stay tuned…
Leaders Of The New School

The Knicks = mess.
After a season where they won an emotional 1st-round series against the hated, declining Celtics, clinching the last game in Boston, before losing in the 2nd-round to a physical team from the Midwest, a year later they’re below .500, their coach is on the hot seat, and rumors swirl that their franchise player may be gone.  Sounds like this year?
Try 1990-91. Continue reading


If the Knicks were a movie, we’d be at the end of Act II.

The end of Act I is when the character enters a new world. For me as a Knick fan, that would be 2006. The Knicks had hired Larry Brown, their first big-time coach since Pat Riley, and I figured the usual LB-routine would go into effect, i.e. team struggles mightily during his 1st year, team gets rid of players who don’t play “the right way,” team shows improvement year after year. As a bonus, it seemed the Knicks would struggle so much in Year 1 (which they did…oh God, did they ever) that Isiah would be fired. Isiah out, Larry Brown in. A win-win.

Charge as high a price as you want...worship the building all you want...dress it up however you want. 14 years later, poop is still poop.

Charge as high a price as you want…worship the building all you want…dress it up however you want. 14 years later, poop is still poop.

When Dolan fired LB and PROMOTED Isiah, I realized this owner was not your run-of-the-mill ding-a-ling. I’d seen the Knicks suffer from poor management before (Al Bianchi, anybody?). This was a whole new level of stinking, awful offal.

The end of Act II is when things seem to be at their lowest point, when all hope seems lost. Continue reading