Real time Monday night 7:43 p.m.

The crazy neighbors have topped themselves. I didn’t think they could, but last night they did. I read once that while many people respond to logic and others to emotion, there is a slice of humanity that’s turned on by probability. Roger Bannister breaking the four-minute mile…the (alleged?) moon landing…the first time Michael Jackson moonwalked…a Democrat-controlled White House, House, and Senate still somehow unable to push through public-option universal health care…all had to happen, eventually. But that didn’t mean your temporal ass would be around to witness.

(the magic happens at 3:38)

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My review of Jacob Appel’s The Biology of Luck


“In ‘Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius,’Jorge Luis Borges describes one of the ironies of language on Tlon, a fictional world turned real: “The fact that no one believes in the reality of nouns paradoxically causes their number to be unending.” Jacob M. Appel’s new novel, The Biology of Luck, follows the lives of characters and characters who imagine characters, none of whom change. Yet this spotlights other dynamics in the story. And while the main characters are essentially themselves throughout, this in no way diminishes the joy of reading this wonderful work.”

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