The week that was…

And what a week it was.

Monday-Saturday was spent in Orange City, Florida, with my grandparents and uncle. As I wrote in my last blog, this was only my 2nd vacation this century, so I was suuuuuper looking forward to it. And it was just what the doctor ordered (after years with no health care, I finally have some, so these days I can afford the doctor’s orders. This is a pleasant change from my non-health care days, when my only options were after-hours clinics who charged $100 to take my temperature or ERs who charged $400 a pop. Without health care, you end up having to approach your health like the Mountain Climber game on The Price Is Right: you don’t want to see a doctor too early in your illness, ‘cuz then they’ll say “It’s a virus; rest and drink fluids,” and you don’t want to wait too long, ‘cuz then it’s something serious and you end up in the ER paying $400 plus additional expenses.

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