Farewell, Tyson Chandler

thefuture chandlerflannel Miami Heat v New York Knicks - Game Three

The P&T crew gives their views on the Knick tenure of the now-traded Tyson Chandler. Spoiler alert: yours truly appears to miss Chandler less than anyone else:

“I’m glad Chandler’s gone because it puts an end to three years of a character actor being miscast as a star…I wanted to see, if not a $15M a year talent, a $15M a year leader. He was more a super loyal and committed comrade. Not a leader. I wanted Vladimir Lenin. I got Boxer from Animal Farm.”

Not Everyone Is Beautiful

Not what many want to hear, but worth hearing: we’re not beautiful.



Mindless Productivity

Every two or three days, I see an article or blog post or forwarded inspirational quote about beauty. It’s usually something affirming like

“You are beautiful, whether you know it or not.”

“We are all beautiful.”

“Everyone is beautiful to somebody.”

It’s cheerful stuff. It builds the self-esteem, makes people feel valued, and spreads joy and happiness across the internet.

It’s also bullshit.

angry face enraged

And you know it’s bullshit, because you really wanted to laugh at that picture.

Everyone is not beautiful. Some people have tumors the size of a second head growing out of their ears. Some people have skin like the Michelin man. Some people lose fingers, legs, or eyes in horrific assembly-line machine accidents. People have warts and blemishes and hair loss and dead teeth and lazy eyes and cleft palates and third nipples and unibrows.

There are plenty of people that are not physically appealing to look at, the…

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