New blog site for my sports posts


After a little over a year here at bluesofnine, I’ve come to accept some bitter truths. I am not exactly the human catnip I’d imagined when I first joined the world of on-line dating. A lifelong love affair with cheese has not resulted in material wealth, nor any deep insights into the human condition (it has led to an elevated cholesterol level). And most relevant to this blog, my readers come to this site for many reasons–to read about my personal life, to read about the blog itself (y’all so meta!), to mistakenly think there are posts about old black men having sex with football players (spoiler: that link will not take you to an old black man having sex with a football player), and to mistakenly think they’ll find Belle Knox porn videos here (I sure do attract mistaken readers).

One thing the stats have made abundantly clear: my readers do NOT come here to read about sports.

That’s why I’ve created a second website where all my sports-related posts will now appear: I just posted my first new sports piece there, and all my old posts will be archived there, too. I’ll still write about the Knicks over at, but over at Page2 I’ll be writing about basketball, baseball, soccer, and whatever larger-issue sports-related stories catch my eye.

If you care for my sportswriting, thank you for your readership and subscribe to Page2!

If you don’t care about sports…actually, this change won’t really cause any demonstrable changes in your life.

There it is.



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