Signs the semester is getting into the crazy last weeks & your poor professor brain is shot from reading too many essays

1) You get home after a 12-hour day hungry as hell, look at the food in your kitchen, and wonder aloud, “What am I going to Sunday for cook?” You aren’t sure if you’re more concerned that you’re forgetting the English language and used Sunday as a verb, or that today is Tuesday.

2) A student who works in a sneaker store is kind enough to bring in a Strassburg sock to help with your plantar fasciitis. As you climb into bed that night, exhausted, the simple 5-step directions for wearing the sock may as well, to your weary eyes and brain, be the the Codex Seraphinianus.


3) You learn on the interwebs that you can wear the sock while you sleep and it will keep working. Happy but delirious with exhaustion, you mean to say “I can wear this at night!” but instead sigh with delight, “I can night this at sock…”

Sleep, brain. Sleep.