“The Silence Of Elicled” now published!

My short story “The Silence Of Elicled” is in the latest issue of Carrier Pigeon magazine. The artwork in Carrier Pigeon is always gorgeous. I was lucky enough to have my story accompanied by the work of Orin Stuckenbruck. Not only is Orin Stuckenbruck an awesome name–Orin Stuckenbruck is a sick artist. You can see paintings and drawings by him here on his website. This image, titled “Elicled–The Sultan’s Palace,” is one of Orin’s illustrations of “The Silence of Elicled.”

Seeing a story you made up in your head being imagined by an artist = sweet.

Seeing a story you made up in your head illustrated by a talented artist and converted into reality is super super sweet.




Book Review: “The Tragedy of Fidel Castro”


Prick of the Spindle posted my review of Joao Cerqueira’s novel The Tragedy of Fidel Castro. Want a taste?

“The third line of João Cerqueira’s The Tragedy of Fidel Castro has God, on a phone call, exclaim, exasperated, ‘Oh, for God’s sake!’ The pun and the immediacy of the informality is a promise to the reader that, in a story starring Fidel Castro, God Almighty, Jesus Christ, JFK, and J. Edgar Hoover, among others, anything goes. But in keeping this promise, there’s too much anything going on in too many directions. Sometimes it’s sharply satirical, sometimes almost endearingly sincere; both, under the direction of Cerqueira, are lovely places to visit, yet neither ever feels like home. This is the tragedy of The Tragedy of Fidel Castro: It’s like wandering the desert for 40 years, only to find there’s no Promised Land at the end.”

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