Recap: Bulls 103, Knicks 97


I wrote the recap¬†for P&T of the Knicks’ latest loss performance art, a gallant but failed effort against the Chicago Bulls. You may not like sports, but as it’s the holiday season, consider the free-falling Knicks the universe’s gift to you: however bad your 2014 has been, at any point, trust me…the Knicks have been worse.

The 95 Theses of Keeping your Faith in the Knicks’ rebuild

knicktrio 95

In case you have a life, you may not have noticed the Knicks have 4 wins and 18 losses, including their last eight. The fallout’s been predictable: fans are questioning rookie coach Derek Fisher and rookie president/guru Phil Jackson. Haters be hating. Faith be faltering. But that’s the thing with faith: it’s when you really question it that it shines through. So in honor of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, I wrote a 95 Theses for keeping the faith in the Knicks’ rebuilding effort. Check it out at Posting & Toasting.