Are you there, Blog? It’s me, Matthew.

I haven’t written anything personal, either fiction or non-, in a long while. Between end-of-the-semester grading, holiday travels, writing recaps of the NY Knicks’ tire fire of a season, and book reviews, there’ve been demands aplenty. January should be a friendlier month.

In that spirit, I wanna put out requests to y’all for blog ideas. What would you like to see addressed? Political goo? Social topics? Hygiene? Love/dating/sex?
I’m brainstorming a piece on Iggy Azalea getting heat from Azealia Banks. Azealia claims her beef with Azalea (see what I did there?) stems from Iggy spitting insensitive lyrics…’cuz if there’s one genre where insensitive lyrics don’t fly, it’s hip-hop.
I’m a big fan of some of Azealia Banks’ work, especially “212,” “1991,” and “Van Vogue.” Her lyrics ain’t exactly a Hallmark card, though. Azealia Banks complaining about insensitive lyrics is like Hitler criticizing Stalin for being a meanie. Long story short: this feels more like hating on a white girl rapper ‘cuz she’s outshining a black girl rapper. In Banks’ defense, though, if you click on the link above you’ll see she pretty much has beef with everybody, regardless of race, gender, or whether there’s a legitimate beef in the first place.

I don’t know Iggy’s work very well, though I did dig “Fancy” (thought that may be a chicken/egg thing, since I’m also a huge fan of Clueless).

Q-Tip decided to educate Iggy on the long and noble history of rap as a “socio-political movement and culture.” Odd that this impetus didn’t kick in for Q during all the decades the “socio-political movement” was blowing up going on about bitches and hos and violence and drinking and drugging and parties and money and bling. Don’t remember the heat coming out of cats back then. But a white girl wins a Grammy a year after Macklemore does and suddenly hip-hop’s so lofty and revered you’d think it shits marble.

If you know me personally, are there any stories you’d like to hear? How about the night I had to prove I wasn’t insane to get out of a psych ward? Or the world’s worst toilet malfunction happening at the worst possible time in the worst possible place? Maybe you wanna know how on-line dating is going? Or maybe you just wanna know what’s a-happening here and now?

Hit me up, yo. Merry ’15.