On depression, darkness, dreams, and finding yourself: Stephon Marbury


Sometimes on this blog I write about life. Sometimes I write about sports. When I’m really, really lucky, I get to write about both at once. Today I wrote a piece about Stephon Marbury, a former NBA star who accomplished everything he wanted in life and found it left him empty, depressed, and wanting to die. He left the states and moved to China, where he’s resurrected himself as a ballplayer, a public figure, and a self-defined human being.

Steph was always a paradox during his time in NY. He brimmed with humanity sometimes, and at other times he was involved in some fucked-up things. In short, he was like me, and probably like you. He was a year older than me and lived one of the dreams I grew up with. When I was 16 I wouldn’t have wanted to be anyone more than him. In the end, we both had to learn the same lesson: getting what you’ve always dreamed of isn’t the same as being happy.