The 2015 Punchies Awards

Mike-Tysons-Punchout Last year the Knicks were so bad they were downright offensive. Also offensive: Nintendo’s 1987 classic MIke Tyson’s Punch Out!! Seriously: a Frenchman who’s afraid to fight…a literally shifty-eyed Japanese man…a vain Spaniard…a transmogrifying Indian…a swarthy Turk…a drunken Russian…an image-obsessed Californian…put it this way: Mike Tyson served a prison term for rape, and he’s far and away one of the most likable characters in the game.

The 2015 Knicks didn’t do anything to warrant traditional celebration or awards…so I gave them recognition 8-bit style by creating the first annual Punchies awards. Players, front-office types, fans, abstract concepts…everyone’s a nominee when it comes to the Punchies!