The Joys of Adjuncting

A journalism student from one of the colleges I teach at interviewed me and some other adjunct professors about a month ago about adjuncting. End result? I only got one line in the story, and of COURSE it’s the one where I equated my gig at a second college to “running a meth lab.” But the one and only photo for the article has a nice clear shot of my bald-ass head.

*slow clap


3 thoughts on “The Joys of Adjuncting

  1. A few comments on the photo if I must.
    1- At least you’re eating a salad.
    2- Your phone makes it apparent that you either work in a hospital, for the government or for a school. Only these three types of dinosaurs still have a phone like that.
    3- Those flowers look fake as hell.


    • 1 – I’ve eaten more salads in 2015 than in 1978-2014 combined. Because I should’ve eaten way the hell more from 1978-2014.
      2 – Not only is my work phone antiquated, but my cell phone is, too. I’ve never had a “smart” phone. I use my phone mostly to text and occasionally to talk, so I have a small little flip phone. When my students see it they react as if I’d just come down with an instant bout of polio.
      3 – The flowers are not mine. I do real flowers, dead flowers, or no flowers. No fakes. Fake flowers are out. Concerts are in.


  2. 1- But have you tossed any salads this year? that’s the real question.
    1a- what is your current consumption of Fiestadas?


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