Online dating: yea or nay?


Another online dating shift has come and gone and again I’m left with nothing but questions and unclaimable expenses. Should I continue, or quit? Have I been barking up the wrong digital tree? Or is real life the best place to search for love/like/lust? Is there a third option I’m missing? Is love only apparent once you stop looking?

I’ve worked quite a bit with OK Cupid, meeting everything from selfish lawyers to arrogant atheists to flaky single moms to overrun single moms to girls who just want a text buddy or a phone friend. One lady was super cool, and smart, and sexy, and then she concluded she isn’t ready for dating right now. She phrased it like she’s not ready to date anyone right now, but when you’re the one getting dropped it does tend to feel personal.
I’m not sure about OK Cupid anymore, not after reading if you use the site but aren’t a paying member, your chats and personal info are not encrypted with HTTPS protection. I can deal with being rejected or passed over by strangers…but not by third-party strangers having access to my rejection.

Plenty Of Fish is an option, but the first time I ever heard of POF was in Lady GaGa & Beyonce’s video for “Telephone,” where I thought it was a joke, a fake site. Little did I realize it was actually embedded advertising. Embedded advertising is not the key to this girl’s heart (this video is one of my favorite works of art, though…for real).

I tried for a few months. It was weird. The layout was too busy. It felt like looking for love on the New York Stock Exchange listings. Admittedly, I did not pay a dime to use it, so my experience may have been something other than First World. Maybe like much of Americana, it’s different with money.

I will never stoop to eHarmony. Never never never never never. I can’t stand the commercials. The music is an ice pick to my brain. And check out their founder’s puss. Would you take advice on your heart’s desire from THIS?

Words to live by.

Words to live by.

Turns out the founder’s named Neil Clark Warren. On top of his fake fixation with brown eyes, he’s actually a theologian. I’m not intrinsically opposed to people of faith — most of my family are people of faith. But I don’t go to them for dating help.

I’m intrigued by JDate. I mostly date Jewish girls, so why not cut out the meshugganah middlemen and go straight to the source? Of course, I’m not Jewish. But when people incorrectly guess my ethnicity, that’s usually their first guess. And genealogically, odds are I’m a child of Abraham. On the other hand, I’m not sure what the ethics are regarding joining a site for Jewish singles when you’re not Jewish. Ditto


Where’d you meet your special lil’ someone? Any other sites/options you’d recommend? Am I better served hitting up happy hours and bouncing around bars?Are vows of celibacy what’s hot in the streets these days? Should I focus on work and trust the universe is unfolding as it must? Whaddya think?

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