“How’s the new job?”

In the letter I received in August confirming my appointment, I was told I’d be provided an office, a computer and a printer.

I started in a temporary office and was told I’d move into the new one in mid-September.

I received an email saying I could move into the new office at the end of October.

I received a new desktop and printer in September.

The printer stopped working almost immediately.

I was told the printer I was given was a mistake, and that the school no longer uses those kinds of printers, and that I could change the permission settings on the desktop to print using the department’s two printers. The permission settings have never worked.

The desktop stopped working shortly thereafter.

In my old office I had to wear my winter coat and hat while meeting with students because it was so cold.

The new office is like working in a pizza oven.

The new office is in a trailer on the outskirts of campus.

There is no printer in the trailer. Not individual printers nor a central printer.

There is nowhere to store or heat food in the trailer.

When I emailed to ask when we’d be able to store or heat food in the trailer, I was told the new job does not provide refrigerators or microwaves for such units by someone who is provided with refrigerators and a microwave.

My old office has access to refrigerators and a microwave, but I must leave there so I can work in a pizza oven with no printer, no refrigerator and no microwave.

The trailer bathroom doesn’t have a hand dryer and the paper towel dispenser is empty.

I hope to one day learn what the new job feels it is its job to provide.

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