Just Don’t Do It by Matthew Miranda

images-10I hate golf.

I always have. I always will. I love miniature golf. And Chi Chi Rodriguez seemed like a cool dude (for a golfer). But I don’t care for golf performers in general.

I say performers instead of athletes because that’s what golfers are: performers. Golf requires incredible amounts of practice and honing a skill set. So does playing the piano, chess, and sewing. That doesn’t make them a sport. 
Years ago, aspiring golfer Casey Martin sued the PGA for the right to use a motorized cart to get around golf courses. Martin has Parkes-Weber syndrome, a birth defect resulting in vascular malformation which causes degenerative ailments in the legs, making it nearly impossible for him to walk an 18-hole course. The PGA refused to let Martin ride; their defense boiled down to: “Tough shit, rubber legs. Walking makes golf a sport.” Next time someone calls while you’re strolling through the mall shopping and asks what you’re doing, you can tell them you’re golfing. Continue reading

Abortion. This is always fun. by Matthew Miranda

images-12Today’s note sponsored by the following Facebook post:

How To Have An Opinion On Women’s Reproductive Rights—

A Helpful Chart:


Do You Have A Vagina?

Yes-You May Express An Opinion.


If, as a man, I have no right to enter the conversation about abortion rights—unless, apparently, I support them whole-heartedly—then the issue is strictly a women’s issue.  If that’s the case, why should I care what Obama, or Paul Ryan, or Scott Akin, or anybody thinks about it?

But I do care. Continue reading