I Hope Your Children And Mine Do Forget 9/11 (2009)

I first hated September 11th on September 11th, 2002. As the first anniversary of 9-11 neared I grew irritable, reclusive, and hopeless.  In the years since, those feelings have intensified.

When I was 11, thanks to the mini-series “War and Remembrance,” I devoured any and all material I could find on World War II.  I took out every book on the war in my school library, then every book from the public library.  I read Herman Wouk’s novel, on which the mini-series is based, which was and probably still is the longest book I’ve ever read.  Much to my parents’ chagrin, I ordered William Greider’s “History of the Third Reich” and the Time-Life video series “The Nazis: A Warning From History”; when company came I had to hide these items, lest anyone be led to think I was a burgeoning neo-Nazi.  I read the Holocaust survivor stories “Escape from Sobibor” and “Fragments of Isabella.”

Of all the horrors from the war, one that always stuck with me as particularly nightmarish was the scale of relativity the Nazis used when dealing with European resistance fighters. Continue reading