State Farm Insurance Fraud/Popping My Identity Fraud Cherry

Like a good neighbor my ass

Like a good neighbor my ass

Hundreds of dollars are missing from my bank account. Apparently it all went to State Farm. I have as much to do with State Farm as I did with the Armenian genocide, i.e. nothing.

I called the number listed for State Farm on my bank statement. No answer, so I looked them up online and called the listed number. The woman from the credit card department transferred me to their “insurance” department. I told the woman there what happened, expecting the usual resistance and hoops to jump through. Instead, she put me on hold while she said she was getting the form to process mailing my refund.¬†When she returned, I figured we’d establish some formal relationship and that she’d need to give me contact information to send them proof of my claim.¬†Instead, she asked me for my name.

Then my phone number.

Then my email (I gave her my work email).

Then “just” the last four digits of my bank card. Continue reading