Isiah Thomas & James Dolan speak! A real-time diary

12-22-03  The Knicks owner James Dolan(center) named Isiah Thomas(left) the new General Manager of the Knicks and Steve Mills(right) the President of Sports Operations for MSG.

HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel featured an interview this week with Knick owner James Dolan and former antichrist Isiah Thomas. I wrote a real-time recap of the event, an interview which will seem familiar to anyone who’s listened to audio recordings of the Jonestown suicide (I have; highly recommend!).

Be warned: these two men inspire fear and loathing beyond most carbon-based beings’ capacity. It already led one long-time P&T reader to comment that I should “shut up.” Make sure you’re seated and not near any flammable material. Read at your own peril. 

Knicks Weirdness

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Posting&Toasting is made up of Knick fans, and as Knick fans, we’re gearing up for the impending NBA season the only way we know how. Dreaming of a title? Dreaming of being any good? No way! We’re Knick fans! We don’t know success. But we do know weird. So all the writers did a roundtable wrap today of what weird occurrence may go down between November and April (or May, if you’re an optimist and think the Knicks will the playoffs; or June, if you’re off your meds and think they’ll make the Finals). Spoiler: most of the ideas were strictly basketball-related. My submission elicited the following response from my editor: “Dark!” He also added the line “Well, that ended dark” to my entry.

My dream of becoming a hybrid of David Lynch and Peter Vecsey continues, unabated…