Q: Guess who covered “one of the biggest sporting events in history” last night?

A: Me.


Last night Lebron James played his first home game in Cleveland since returning to his hometown Cavaliers after his highly-criticized departure four years ago. Cleveland played against the New York Knicks, who I cover for the great website Posting & Toasting. The game attracted media attention well outside the world of sports. The game was sold out for months at inflated prices and televised nationally. A glittering crowd of A-list celebrities were on hand–de rigeur for a game in NY or LA, but unheard of in Cleveland. Lebron himself, hardly a paragon of humility, called his homecoming “one of the biggest sporting events in history.”

Two unexpected twists on the road to “history”:

1) The Knicks missed the part where they play the sacrificial lamb and actually won.

2) I got to write the game recap for Posting & Toasting, my first game recap that isn’t just me talking to myself. Check it out. Tell your friends. If your friends are editors for sports sites looking to hire a writer, tell them first.

Wherefore art thou Melo?

Are you sitting? Good. Brace yourselves: the Knicks have a history of bad-decision making. Such as:

*Letting Xavier McDaniel, Scottie Pippen’s personal Freddy Krueger, leave for the Celtics because they preferred Charles Smith. If I ever run into Pat Riley or Dave Checketts, I’ma be Jimmy Conway grilling Johnny Roastbeef.

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